Thursday, September 19, 2013

          He got up from the crinkled black sheets and threw the uncomfortably stiff pillows on the floor. He had always hated those pillows, but they were given to him by his mother, so he used them out of kindness. His mother was never really the greatest at giving gifts; in fact, she was most likely the worst the boy, Dave, knew. It was the thought that really counted though, so that was cool.
          Had everything he had just witnessed and been a part of been some wacked up dream? Had that stupid game that caused the apocalypse been just a figment of his imagination? What about all the friends he had made, and all the friends he had lost? What about Jade? Did Dave’s bubbly genius friend that maybe or maybe not had the ability to see the future really die? If it was all a dream, is Jade alive? Is Jade even real? What about everyone else?
          Maybe he was dreaming right now. Maybe he was jumping to conclusions. Maybe Jade’s death drove him to insanity. The world, no, the universe had ended, or at least that was what had happened in his ‘dream’? He remembered in the beginning how his friend John had been transported to that weird dark cloudy place, totally not cool. The n his friend Rose had almost burned to death because of a fire caused by one of the meteorites that had doomed the world to ruin.

          He had to stop acting so crazy and paranoid. It could have all possibly been a terrible dream. A dream that he’ll laugh off when he tells his friends about it, and Rose would probably find some weird deep meaning of the dream, revealing that he had been a chicken in his previous life. His friends are probably waiting downstairs for him like they did before everything went terrible. He trudged downstairs to see what had awaited him. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Through The Stars

Through The Stars
Imagine a new world, a perfect world. There are plenty of supplies to keep you alive. Though you wouldn’t need it. You could live forever. You could live in a perfect, beautiful world where there wasn’t any war. There would not be war, poverty, hunger. You wouldn’t need money. There wouldn’t be any need to squabble over millions of useless pieces of paper. There would not be any fight for power that exists only in the imaginations of those involved.  No criminals and wrong doers.
Of course, that would be because you were alone.
You’d never go insane, as would normally happen.
You’d never see anyone again.
Would you sacrifice human interaction for a perfect world where you would never die, and you could do whatever pleased you?
You could live in a perfect world, all alone, forever.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Story behind The Ratava

The Ratava
How do I explain how I came up with my nickname "The Ratava"?
 Well, it's kind of a funny story.
  I love to write fanfictions.
A thousand of them are reeling around in my head, though i haven't published many to the public.
One day, I was bored, and I decided to mess around on Youtube.
I came up with The Ratava when i watched this.
I was suddenly compelled to write a fanfiction about Avatar.
With a new character.
The Ratava.
The opposite of the Avatar, but the same.
The Ratava can bend the elements too.
Instead of being the bridge between the spirit world and the real world though, the Ratava is the bridge between two dimensions.
Not only that, but this Ratava was born from the Earth Kingdom.
This incarnation was also a girl.
She had a sister.
A twin sister.
A twin sister that is blind.
Her twin was Toph.
Soon after I published the story to Quotev and, I started calling myself the Ratava.
Because she has my personality, and she would be who I would be in the series.
Though she is nowhere a Mary-Sue.
She's normal, as normal as she can be.
I'm not really normal though.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Waiting for the Storm to Pass

Disclaimer: I don’t own the original story by Ray Bradbury; this is simply an alternative ending.
Waiting For the Storm to Pass
    7 years past. 7 long, lonely, rainy, dark years. That one day that the sun shined like a bright smile, where she was locked in the closet changed Margot. She never forgot, never forgave. She turned from happy and optimistic to depressed and frail. Though she would lash out at people frequently. Hitting them and threatening them. Like her body went into autopilot. Then she would gain control, only to break down crying. Her mother would calm her down. More than once in a while her mother would tell her that “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” Margot would tell her mother she was a doctor, not a philosopher.
   She never met those kids again. The regions of Venus grew and they all moved. The planet has been growing rapidly. People flying there to live on the beautiful new planet. They thought it was paradise. Margot thought it was prison.
   One day she while she was walking to school, one of her only friends, an optimistic bubbly girl named Abby, rushed to her. “Hey, hey Margot, guess what!” She said, bouncing on the balls of her feet. She didn’t wait for an answer; she stood in front of Margot, causing her to stop in her tracks. “The sun is coming out Wednesday!”
  Margot was surprised, no flabbergasted, no bumfuzzled. She couldn’t stand the rest of the day. At the last bell she ran out the room like she was being chased by a demon. She arrived back home in under five minutes. Her parents, unfazed by the door slam, were sitting patiently on the couch.  Before she could tell them about what she learned that day, her parents broke the news.
They bought three one way tickets back to earth, and were leaving tomorrow. They didn’t know the sun would come out Wednesday. Tickets were expensive; they wouldn’t have another chance to go. Her mother always thought that they should wait for the sun to come out again, as closure. Though they waited long enough. Margot kept her mouth shut, faking a smile. They were leaving tomorrow.
The next day she stood outside, everything packed and in the ship that was going back to Earth. She was about to walk through the doors when something extraordinary happened.  The rain stopped. She looked up to see the clouds moving away from a bright light. The scientists were wrong. The sun had come out today. Margot stood there for a few minutes, basking in the warm, bright hug. When the sun resumed its hiding spot behind the clouds, and the rain droplets fell down once more, Margot walked through the doors, smiling.